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OTP System API

One Time Password SMS API Provider

An advanced one time password system is a must have for businesses. Especially those which hold and disseminate sensitive personal information over the internet. A one-time password allows a business to withhold access of information by unauthorized people. Gone are the days when a simple username and password based authentication process could hold hackers and online identity thieves at bay.

Even a highly complex password that runs through an encryption system can be decrypted and then used to crack openthe Pandora’s Box. The tussle between security implementation specialists and those who are trying to outsmart them is an ongoing one. And it looks like it is going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Thus, additional security in the form of extra step of deterrence is used by all service providers. For businesses that are in banking, social media, email, and other highly sensitive data use one time password (OTP) for access to their platform. OTP System APIworks this way.

When your customers access sensitive information the system automatically sends an OTP tothemin order to authenticate. Usually businesses set various levels of use which can trigger such OTP password based authentication. Let’s say that you have an ecommerce business. Customers routinely come and make purchases online. You offer several payment optionsincluding cash on delivery. However, cash on delivery runs the risk of refusal when the product arrivers at the destination.

To avoid such a predicament you use the OTP method to verify the customer’s mobile number at the time of placement of order. This would not be necessary for prepaid orders as you have already received payment. At SMSworldonline.com we provide OTP System API for all our clients. This API is the definitive way to integrate our SMS platform with your website / platform. It needs just a few minutes of copying pasting and changing of parameters to ensure integration. To test our service please register and get the API samples.

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