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SMS Ms Outlook Plugin

Send SMS Directly from Ms Outlook

Email 2 SMS with Forward Value SMS Gateway is your best solution if you wish to send SMS messages from your office applications such as MS Outlook. SMS functionality provided by the SMS gateway makes it possible to forward your incoming e-mail messages as SMS text messages to mobile phones of your customers, quick SMS from the Outlook contact lists, individual messaging, partners or employees. With this solution you can improve corporate communication and ensure continuous availability. In this way, you can build an SMS system that will help you become competitive and efficient in customer relations at the highest level. These features will result in time and money saving and satisfied customers

Features of Email 2 SMS

  • Simple to use user interface forms.
  • Send directly from Ms Outlook.
  • Email forward as SMS
  • Send SMS to Outlook Contact list.
  • Send Bulk SMS from Outlook through attaching .TXT file
  • Send to random ranges of mobile numbers.
  • Set up templates for regular messages from your computer.
  • Option to choose not to send duplicate numbers.
  • Detailed reporting of all sent messages.

System Requirements

Email 2 SMS requires active Internet connection to send SMS Internet speed can be any, but DSL with 256kb is recommended.

Operating Systems

  • Windows8, Windows7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and Windows Me
  • Microsoft Office ® Versions
  • Office 2007 and Office 2010
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